Seller Checklist: Picture Perfect Listing Photos

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Once you’ve gone over your house and are ready to hit the market running, it’s time to hire a photographer to capture your home in the most attractive light. If you are short on time and organizing skills, a staging professional can help get your home in picture perfect condition. We’ve put together a check-list that covers some of the most important things to address before the photographer arrives. 

Lighting & Décor

Replace all burnt out bulbs, and consider swapping fluorescent bulbs for incandescent ones in any decorative fixtures (lamps, vanity lights etc) as they provide better lighting for photos. Flowers add a nice splash of colour and give your home a nice fresh scent. Clean all windows inside and outside (if possible), and hide any moving boxes.

Living Room

  • Coffee table: Picture books are fine, but clear off any clutter such as papers, magazines, coasters, etc.
  • Couch: Remove any unnecessary items from on your couch (toys, throw blankets, non-decorative pillows), and arrange the cushions and pillows neatly.


  • Counter tops: Remove soap dispensers, dish cloths, coffee mugs, cutlery, dish trays, glasses and any other items. Make sure the surface has been thoroughly wiped down and is free from water stains, crumbs etc.
  • Appliances: Clean all major appliances and remove any small appliances from sight (coffee pot and toaster are fine if they match the overall decor). Remove any clutter from the top, front and sides of the fridge, and remove any towels hanging from cupboards or appliances.

Dining Room

  • Arrange chairs neatly and remove any unnecessary items. If you wish, you may set the table (place mats, napkins, cutlery, plates and glassware)


  • Counters: These need to be spotless. Remove all personal toiletries, medications/vitamins, cosmetics, and toothbrushes.
  • Toilets: Be sure to put the lids down.


  • Put all dirty clothes in hampers and put away any folded laundry.
  • De-clutter nightstands, dressers, bureaus and armoires.
  • Put all jewellery and items of value in a safe spot, ideally in a safe or take to your safety deposit box at the bank.


  • Cut the lawns; trim any trees and or bushes. Rake any leaves on the ground. Remove any junk items or unnecessary items and ensure all Christmas lights and outdoor decorations are taken down.