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What’s in for 2023? Here are 5 top interior design trends you can expect to see everywhere this year.


We expect to see a lot of veining and deep contrast in stone and marble this year. It’s all about maximalism, a design trend in and of itself. Less is more is out; more is more is in! From kitchen counters and backsplashes to stone side tables and stand-out fireplace surrounds, bold marbles and stone will be seen throughout the home.


Sharp edges and hard lines will make way for softer shapes in your home this year, so expect to see more curved furniture and rounded sculptural forms. We will also see this trend in arched doorways and rounded mirrors. Easy ways to incorporate this trend into your home include furniture, such as sofas, chairs, mirrors, and other small décor details. Curves will make your space feel more inviting and welcoming.


Art deco is back and ready to re-energize your space. The art deco period emphasized deep jewel tones, lush fabrics, contrasting materials and whimsical, often curved, elements. Think boldness in colour and form, striking architectural elements and vibrant decorative pieces


The neutral colour palette will continue to reign in 2023. When it comes to wall colours, furniture, and accessories, we can expect to see a lot warm, earthy tones at the forefront. Reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks will be popular choices for those who lean into colourful interiors, while those who prefer neutrals may opt for brown, beige, or terracotta over grey. 2023 is all about warmth!


This trend will find solace in our natural environment. The biophilic movement attempts to get closer to nature by bringing the outdoors in. From a plethora of plants to introducing design details that create a continuous flow that seamlessly connects indoors to out this trend is about feeling at one with nature.