School Catchment Areas in North Vancouver

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School Catchment Areas in North Vancouver

Schools in North Vancouver: Private, Public and French Immersion.

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Private Schools in North Vancouver


Private Catholic Schools in North Vancouver


French Immersion Schools North Vancouver School District

French Immersion is a language program designed for non-French speaking students who wish to attain a high level of proficiency in both official languages. Students are immersed in the French language within the classroom. French is used for meaningful communication and for instruction in the subject (content) areas such as math, science, social studies, art, physical education and French language arts. French Immersion is a district program with no specific catchment areas. The program is reviewed regularly to provide equity of access for all children and to maintain a balanced enrolment across the school district. French Immersion school locations and the overall program configuration may change over time due to the complex nature of fluctuations in enrolment and other factors. Registration at Kindergarten and grade one is processed centrally. If requested places for French Immersion elementary schools are over-subscribed, placement of non-siblings is determined by lottery.

For information on registering your child for French Immersion, please phone: 604.903.3368 or e- mail: [email protected]